[INFO] Tempat upload gambar

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    [INFO] Tempat upload gambar

    Post  tomi elyus on Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:45 pm

    Site: ImageVenue
    URL: http://www.imagevenue.com/
    Size: 1024KB per file
    Cons: Deleted after a year of non use

    Site: BestUpload
    URL: http://www.bestupload.com
    Size: 600KB per file
    Cons: Inactive files deleted after 30 days

    Site: BigHosting
    URL: http://www.bighosting.net
    Size: 1MB per file
    Cons: Have to enter security code for every file uploaded, can be time consuming to upload multiple files

    Site: filehigh
    URL: http://www.filehigh.com
    Size: 10 images up to 200KB each

    Site: FreeUpload
    URL: http://www.freeupload.net
    Size: 500KB per image

    Site: GeoCities
    URL: http://geocities.yahoo.com
    Size: 15MB
    Cons: Must rename pictures as .txt, hourly bandwith limit

    Site: ImageHost.org
    URL: http://www.imagehost.org
    Size: Unlimited
    Cons: Monthy bandwith limit of 1GB per image, uploads disabled for new users

    Site: ImageLiNK
    URL: http://www.imagelink.org
    Size: 2MB
    Cons: 1GB of bandwith per month

    Site: ImageShack
    URL: http://www.imageshack.us
    Size: 1MB per image

    Site: ImageStation
    URL: http://www.imagestation.com
    Size: Unlimited
    Cons: Pictures occasionally become unavailable temporarily

    Site: IMGZONE
    URL: http://www.imgzone.info
    Size: 100KB per image

    Site: lightbox7
    URL: http://lightbox7.com
    Size: 60 images
    Cons: Images are automatically resized

    Site: MyPicGallery
    URL: http://www.mypicgallery.com
    Size: 100MB
    Cons: Addition of a watermark to all pictures

    Site: mytempdir / pixerver
    URL: http://www.mytempdir.com / http://host.pixerver.com
    Size: 1MB per file

    Site: NetPix
    URL: http://www.netpix.org
    Size: 512KB per image

    Site: Photobucket
    URL: https://www.photobucket.com
    Size: 100MB
    Cons: Bandwith limit of 2.5GB per month for entire account often reached on popular galleries

    Site: Pic-Storage.info
    URL: http://www.pic-storage.info
    Size: 125KB per image
    Cons: Currently in Beta (untested)

    Site: RapidShare
    URL: http://www.rapidshare.de
    Size: 30MB per file
    Cons: Queue for downloading files, files not accessed for 30 days are deleted.

    Site: Real Image Host
    URL: http://www.realimagehost.com
    Size: 250KB per image

    Site: Savefile
    URL: http://www.savefile.com
    Size: 1MB per file
    Cons: Not the fastest server

    Site: Spymac
    URL: http://www.spymac.com
    Size: 100MB
    Cons: Service can be sporadic at times.

    Site: Street Needs
    URL: http://www.streetneeds.com
    Size: Unlimited, 240KB per image
    Cons: Addition of a watermark to all pictures

    Site: WTDR
    URL: http://we-todd-did-racing.com
    Cons: Addition of a watermark to all pictures

    Site: TinyPic
    URL: http://www.tinypic.com/
    Cons: Files Above 250 Kb are resized

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